What do girls like to do when "hanging out"?

What do girls like to do when "hanging out"? Please give me suggestions for hanging out in the winter

Seems to me, all they do is want to walk around the mall, watch a movie and eat.


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  • Food is always good. I like drinking and going to the club. Going to the movies or watching movies at home. Do you line her or just a friend ?


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  • We make out, have hot lesbian sex together, and then chase off the evening with a little bit of cake.

    but yeah, you're pretty right about the whole mall, movie, and eating thing, which is why I prefer hanging out with my broskis.

  • well yeah, pretty much all we do when we hang out with guys or girls is eating, watching movies, or walking around the mall. and it depends what you mean by hanging out. if its a date, movies at home or making dinner is fun. but if it's just for friends hanging out, maybe going out to lunch or something. lunch is more of a friendly time to eat (dinner is more of a romantic thing)


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