What is the first thing that comes to mind when a guy says "there's something you should know about me?"

me and this guy we're talking and I asked him how much does he like me, because we've gone on a few dates and stuff, and he said well there's something you should know about me, it's to long, and it's best if I tell you in person. Could it be he'll tell me how much he really does like me in person? Since he never answered the question over the internet or what?!


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  • it could be something really personal, it could be something about his relationship style, or he could just be saying that to get you hooked on finding out what it is but when he tells you it will be something silly

    • lol what do you think he'll say?

    • one of those three things imo

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  • My first instinct was "he's a vampire". <_<

    I suppose it depends on the way the conversation has been flowing up until then and what kind of a person he is.

    • LOL . why would he be a vampire?

      haha uhm I was asking him why he liked me and all of that haha.

    • In regards to vampires, no particular reason... >_>

      Well, it has something to do with why he likes you, doesn't it? There are many theories out there. Perhaps you remind him of an ex, or his dead goldfish, or some other thing?

      Only one way to find out for sure. =)

    • LMAO . cause three people have said vampires .

      I guess so O: maybe he's just making me wait for something to drive me crazy ha ha .

  • I doubt it's about how much he likes you. After all, he said it was something about him.

    • yeahh that's what I'm thinking :/

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    • Well I'll be honest. I don't like how he worded it. It sounds kinda sketchy. It would be much nicer if he said, "There's something I want you to know" instead of something "you should". I wouldn't worry about it though. If it is bad, at least he's telling you ahead of time before you get serious about him.

    • I agree with you but maybe he just worded it wrong.

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  • hmm, he's bi. he's got a foot fetish. he's into role playing. he wants you to walk on him with heels. he's I night owl, lol he's very 'close' to his sister. he dresses in womens clothing. he likes yodells. he's transgendered.

    • no I don't think that's it LOL .

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    • no problem & yes definitely absolutely, people resist explaining things too much- this is a good thing I think :)

    • haha I think so too . especially for the fact he wants to confront me about it in person

  • the last time someone said that to me, he had 2 kids - by 2 different women ! ughhh lol

    • LOL . no I don't think that's it I'm 16 he's 17 .