Is it wrong to hang out with a friend (girl) if I'm in a relationship?

So me and this friend of mine had made plans to go to the mall because we haven't seen each other in a while. She's a girl and it would be just the two of us and when I told my girlfriend she got mad and said that I shouldn't because that's like going on a date with somebody else. Is it really wrong or is she overreacting?


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  • She overreacting. It's alright to hang out with your friends, even if they are of the opposite gender. She should trust that you won't betray her. My boyfriend has female friends, even his best friend is female and they have been friends for 10 years. If he wanted to date her, he would have done that by now. but he hasn't. I trust him. Your girl needs to trust you too.

  • i would tell her that she should trust you more, and that she is only a friend. she's allowed worry as you probley would if she was meeting up with some guy on their own. she just needs reassurance.


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