Is he upset about my possible boyfriend?

I have a date soon, and tonight I was hanging out with my guy friend. He told me that if things go well with my new guy our friendship won't be the same anymore and that this was our last night together "unless my date doesn't work out". I asked him why things won't be the same and he told me they just won't be, and that "maybe I'll have more fun with my new guy than with him."

Is he doing this because he's into me? What's his deal?


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's probably extremely jealous of your friend or just realizes that he has to back off a little from you to let the other guy get in with you


What Girls Said 1

  • Yea he probably likes you. I had a guy friend act like that once too, when I was dating someone and he ended up telling me like a month after we broke up that he liked me and he was jealous