Should I ask a guy that I've had a crush on for awhile to hang out over facebook?

I really started hanging out with him about two years ago everyday for about a month before I left to go to University in Australia. Things got kinda serious over that time and we even discussed that we wouldn't see any other people while I was gone. I returned home and found out he was in a relationship with another girl. This was a surprise because he use to email me every week to see how I was doing. I know we weren't dating, but I feel like he went out with her out of desperation. Since then, I still have feelings for him that have not gone away. His girlfriend and him are no longer together and I wanna ask him to hang out. However, I don't have his phone number anymore and only am friends with him on facebook. If I were to ask him to hang out over facebook, would this be weird and almost stalker like? I don't wanna come off like that at all.


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  • Nah, I think you should definitely contact him and organize a time to catch up over lunch or coffee, seeing how you used to hang out with him before you went overseas.

    I don't think it will come across as being stalker-ish or weird.


What Girls Said 1

  • How is the University of Australia, because I wanna go, and if you think it will be stalker like and weird I wouldn't do that because you're doubting the outcome too much. It wil make it weird even if he does want to hang.