When the daily texts become less and less frequent...

...is that a sign of lost/losing interest?


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  • If you're in a long-distance relationship and that is all what you get...that's probably not a very good sign. But if you guys see each other why even text?

    Maybe he's busy too or smth. If you want a good test..send him a nice text message...if he responds in a nice way then he's still yours. :))

    • He always responds. In the beginning he would text daily or every other day. Now it's less frequent, but he does always respond to every one of my texts.

    • Sine he always responds don't question anything :)

    • You're right. I just worry I'm bothering him because I am the one usually initiating it now and he doesn't as frequent. I'm a lot busier than him and he always asks if I am bothering him and he asked me to make time for him...which I have but now he stops! WTH?


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  • YUP. try calling...


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  • It could be that he's losing interest, or it could be that he's busy at work or out with friends, maybe he's just trying to save money by texting less. It could be any reason really. If he had completely lost interest then he'd probably not bother texting back at all, and when he did it would be short replies. If he texts you first, even if it isn't very frequent, then it shows that he's thinking about you, so there's probably still some interest there :)

  • depends on your type of relationship with him.

    for me and my guy we barely texted

    it was more of 2-5 letters a day through facebook

    and 1 hour skype or more each day

    we had a long distance overseas relationship