Is this a good sign he likes me?

So a bunch of us went to go see a play, the guy I like went. There we're about 7 of us. This was kind of planned so the guy and I could get together and hang out. Since we mostly talk online. 3 of my friends went (that includes me) and we showed up a bit later so the others saved our seats. All of his friends were in the row behind, they saved two seats. In the row in the front he was sitting in between 3 seats. I thought he was just going to get up and let us 3 sit there but he didn't. So my friends were like go sit down there with him. It was weird how it worked out and I was surprised he didn't want to be up there with all his friends. Is this a sign? Thanks! Also we get along really well! In the time waiting for the play to start we talked a lot! :) Also another example, is he went to my friends house to watch a movie. Both of his friends couldn't go but he still went anyway. He really tries to go to things, he knows I'm invited to.


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  • Yes sounds like he likes you.


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  • Yes..when you like someone you want to be around that person as much as possible. Although you might need to keep in mind that he want to hang out with other people.