What's a good first date?

This girl and I haven't gone on a date yet...we actually haven't even hung out outside of school. We talk all the time and I know her pretty well. I want to impress her by taking her on a good first date. What do you guys think would be a good first date?


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  • Take her out to a restaurant like CPK California Pizza kitchen, Chili's, Round Robin, Clam jumper, etc. You don't have to go to an extremely fancy restaurant, restaurants like these are more relaxing and easy going, she'll be intimidated if you take her out to a really fancy restaurant. It'll show you're easy to be around and she'll want to be around you more. Or you can take her to a cooking class where you learn how to make your own food and then you guys can eat there.

    A walk in the park would be fun too or at the beach. idk, u decide, something that you think will make her comfortable and want to talk.


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  • See what she likes to do!

    Take her out for the night be sweet and open up to her let her know about you truly!

    Take her on something you both like and can have a great time!

  • This reminds me of my first date...I had my first date in my house I just invited them over.

    We didn't do to much just watched a movie I met him online at xxxcupid.ca interesting dating site.


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  • A classic 'dinner and a movie' is something you could easily fall back on, however that's been done.

    If she's in to any kind of sports you could take her to a game of her interest (football, hockey, basketball, etc). Or if she's the type of girl who can just let loose and enjoy herself in almost any situation, you might want to try bowling (or something similar) - putting on those goofy shoes and just being able to laugh at yourselves is something she would remember.

    If she's a romantic, a nice moonlit walk through a park or on a harbor would do very well, having followed a dinner or a picnic (little bit cold, but you may have ideas).

    The main thing to remember is to pick something you'd mutually enjoy doing, you having fun would be just as important as her having fun. By that, I mean, if you picked say a ballet recital (and you hated ballet), she'd be able to tell that you weren't enjoying yourself and thus, probably wouldn't enjoy herself.

    Good luck!