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Why won't my girlfriend kiss or make-out with me anymore?

we have been dating for ab a full year now, and about 3weeks to a month ago she stop kissing me. she first started out saying saying that it was fun... Show More

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  • she's probably trying to get you to break up with her.see, at your age chicks are generally not mature enough to say, "look its over", actually its tough for guys too.so they try to get really annoying, so you can do the work. I would say, get out, and keep your dignity. Find a woman with a little more maturity is what I say. But hey.what do I know?

What Girls Said 2

  • Either bad breath or she thinks your cheating on her.

  • i think that's pretty messed up with her. you have a right to be upset. tell her that it bothers you because I don't things will suddenly get better otherwise

What Guys Said 2

  • no its not bad breathe my girlfriend will kiss me with bad breathe . dude honestly that's not childish to break up with her for that . ur her boyfriend and if she doesn't wanna kiss you that means her feelings for you have changed man so talk to her about it and be strong and ferm about it say you need to tell me why you won't kiss me tell her how it makes you feel.in my opinion I would have broke up with her after about 3 weeks man that would break my heart

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