Is 27 years old too late to start dating?

I'm 27 years old, but I haven't gone on any dates since high school because of shyness. Is it too late to start dating again now? Women my age are going to have lots more experience with dating, relationships, and sex, so would they expect me to also have experience?

Most Helpful Girl

  • it is never too late to get back in the game. I'm sure you will be surprised to find out how little women really care about your past dating/sexual experience. they would probably much rather have you be this way instead of having way too many relationships and sexual partners. it makes them feel more special :] as long as you treat them well, that's all that should matter! and lucky for you, you are at the age where women are really seriously trying to find a good man to settle down with or be committed to. they are over the games, and trying to go for the "bad boy."

    good luck!

    • That worries me a bit, I don't want to settle down with the first woman that agrees to go on a date with me. Are there any women that are past the bad boy phase but before the settling down phase?

    • yeah definitely! I just mean they are more mature and are willing to have a more adult relationship, and usually they are much more accepting of people.

    • Agree. I'm 27 and past my "bad boy" type. Now I'm interested in a shy guy who I find more interesting and secure to be with.