Should I text or not?

I met this guy about a month ago and for the first three weeks he texted me endlessly. We talked everyday, had a few good dates and really hit it off, . He always complimented me, and was really sweet. Then early last week, we tried to meet up and failed two days in a row. The evening of the second day he called and said he really wanted to see me tomorrow, and would make sure he did no matter what, but I had to hang up, he told me to text him and I couldn't...Have not heard from him since, except for a butt dial...Should I text him or...Not?


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  • wow, this sounds like the last girl I was talking to. I mean the situation. we hit it off, had a few great dates. she went to a 3 day concert and when she got back I had to call her and say I couldn't make it to a date then the same thing happened but she calls me and she can't make it. after that I took her surfing( great time) then it was phone tag. I quit calling and texted her a once then a few days later. never got a text back and havnt spoken after that... from exp when I put my self out on a limb like that I would like to hear back. I feel like if I keep trying I just look creepy and stalker ish. I like things like that to be 2 way streets... so go for it if you like the guy


What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely contact him, he seemed really keen. He probably thinks that you werent interested cause you didn't message him or anything. But I definitely think you should, just apologize and say that you've been busy or whatever the reason is, and just say you've been thinking about him lately and was wondering if he'd like to go again out sometime. If he was interested, which he sounds like he was, he will jump at the chance. Just make sure you make a little more effort on your part this time, it shouldn't always be up to the guy to contact you and organise things first. If you're interested in him make sure he knows that, and contact him just as much as he contacts you so he feels like he's not pursuing a lost cause.