Is this a hookup or more?

We started talking on an online dating website. Within the first week of emailing he mentioned coming to visit...I'm worried he'll be expecting sex! On the positive side, maybe he likes me a lot and wants to meet me in person?

I feel if I flat out ask him he'll get offended that I'm assuming he's like can I tell if he is or isn't?


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  • I think you're thinking way too into it. It sounds like he wants to meet up and meet you, not for sex. If he expects to have sex then there's a simple solution to that, say no. Its your body and you're never obligated to give it up to a guy no matter how nice he is or what sweet things he does. A guy is suppose to go out of his way for a girl he likes in order to pursue her.If you like him then meet him but don't do anything you're not comfortable with. Honestly I think its normal for him to want to meet up with you because he may feel like he can't start anything with you until you've both meet in person.


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  • why-are-you-worried-he'll-be-expecting-sex?

    • Because I don't want to sleep with him that soon.

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  • Suggest seeing him in a public place as it is your first time meeting. He will agree if he genuinely just wants to meet you and get to know you. If refuses and asks to meet at his place or at an isolated place e.g a park at night, he's in it for a hook up! Hopefully you find your answer :)

  • if you met online chat be careful.

    I did that once and all my friends told me to be careful.

    I went to meet him at a restaurant that was really public first.

    In case he was a serial killer, you know?

    he was OK. I went canoeing with him and I texted all my friends to let them know where I was, in case he killed me there they will all know where and who I was with.

    anyways, meeting people online was a one time experiment with me... actually more than once. Maybe like a few times, but man... It's a bit tricky and I don't think I'll ever do it again. besides I'm married now so no more need. but just be careful.

    good luck