Girls: Which of these would you more likely respond positively to?

There are 2 guys.

Guy A: The guy who actually flat out asks you on a date. You don't really know his personality all that much but you love his confidence and you think he is good-looking so you may accept his invitation to take you out to dinner to see where this could possibly go.

Guy B: The guy who you have gotten to know over a period of time. Over this period of time you have realized that this guy has a golden personality and is overall such an amazing guy and you have found him to be quite attractive. Only problem is, he has not asked you out on a date. You 2 become really good friends and you may either decide to let nature take its course and let a relationship between you 2 happen naturally. Or you could try and see if a relationship could happen if you ask him out on a date yourself.


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  • Guy B sucks.

    I'm in that situation now. So frusturating. I like him and he likes me, but he won't ask me out. So instead of liking him more I'm starting to hate the guy. I can't figure out whether he likes me as a friend or if he likes more me than that.


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  • B That's how my relationship went. It's better to know the person first. And I wouldn't want to open up to someone I don't know too well, so I'd probably say no to A. A would seem like if I was born with some bad condition, he wouldn't go for me. Whereas B would, because he sees more I guess.

  • omg the same thing is legit happening to me now... I've become amazing "friends" with the guy b type and he's bot making any moves! its becoming really frustrating... id ask him out but I'm scared that if he rejects that we will lose our friendship


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