Is it inappropriate if I date my former teacher?

I was taking these GED math classes. I’m 18 and my teacher is 26. In class he’d always stare at me and was shy around me. When ever I’d talk to him he’d get quiet fast and we’d get awkward silences. He’d also ask random questions like, “Did you eat that chocolate bar that girl gave you?” “What phone do you have?” I didn’t think too much into anything until I noticed that whenever he’d talk to other girls in my class he’d be normal around them. When I’d catch him staring at me he’d either hold his gaze or look up at the ceiling smiling. I also noticed his body language. Every morning when he’d first walk in and say “hi” to me I can see him smiling and I think he was blushing. He joked with me a lot in class.

I added him on Facebook. I noticed that when we were friends on Facebook he started going on more. Once he made a status quoting this love song that said something like, “You want me, I want you, Don’t leave me”. One of his friends asked if there were any hidden implications and he denied it. A few days later I made a status quoting the song “Light My Fire” by The Doors. The next day he kept looking at me and smiling.

I finished classes last week. So to keep in contact I talk to him on aim. We’ve spoken on aim twice or three times. He’s like how he was in person. He doesn’t say much and asks about me. For his first day at his new job he has to go to the city where I live so he kept asking me questions about how I got home from where I took classes and if my city has a train station. He also tells me he knows I’m going to do good on the GED. He used to take forever to reply now he’s getting quicker. He seems to end conversations fast. I always start the conversations with him. I think he knows that I like him.

Although I am no longer his student, would it be okay if I date him?


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  • absolutely. if you can get past the age difference and so can he, then I see no problems. besides, it's not like he was grading you or anything


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  • Yes if you're both keen and willing why not!

  • a little weird yes but totally OK to date him you are of age and he is no longer your teacher