How do I separate her from the group? (Need responses today)

I'm going to a seafood festival of sorts tonight. A girl I like will be coming to my friend's apartment as well. How do I get her and me out of the apartment for a brief moment so I can kiss her? Or can I just whisper in her ear that I'd like to kiss if we're ever alone?


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  • Oh I like the whisper in her ear idea! If someone did that to me I would have such butterflies I would do everything in my power for us to "end up" alone!

  • Either. If you’re more comfortable separating her from the group, try saying “it’s too loud” or even “come here” and talk to her while you’re moving so she’s more focused on listening that the fact she’s being separated. Hope that helps.


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  • Just get a good conversation going, then you can say many things, you can say "I want to show you something..." but I like "It's pretty distracting here, lets go somewhere quiet where we can really focus in" just remember as you are going out to take her hand, also a good one is just taking her by the hand and saying "come with me" this all works when you have a good flirty conversation going and she is already expecting the kiss.

    One last thing, avoid being forceful, look for openings and progress as far as you can but if you ever feel like you are forcing just stop because that can ruin things

  • Dude just tell her that you'd like to kiss her and wait till you guys are alone to do it.