Why does he never text first?

Me and this guy have been talking for a month, we kiss and stuff, and I always have fun with him. But I am the one that always texts or tries to contact him first. We"ll talk for hours and hang out but I'm making all the effort. He's confident most of the time and is flirtatious with other girls but I'm flirtatious too so I rarely get jealous. But I've also noticed he can be shy and wants to be well liked. He also just got out of a long relationship a few months ago. I want to sit down and have "the talk" soon, but I don't know he really wants a relationship with me or if he just wants to hook up. What do you think?


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  • Don't make the effort anymore, girl. If he isn't doing anything or showing any signs of making an effort then why should you? If you doing everything and he does Zip. Then don't contact him, if he contacts you then he cares. But if not, and waits for you, then move on.

  • Well, since he just got out of a relationship and him being a guy combined with that, He is not looking for a relationship with anyone right now. He just now beginning to enjoy being single again, and the freedom of no commitment and attachment is a breathe of fresh air to him. I'm sure he likes you but he also having fun with you with no strings attach. Now he may be willing to try a relationship with you, but if by his actions he is not showin you that, then understand why as I have explained. As for the contacting, he never does firts because he know you alwasy will. So you got to stop and let him to come to you and wonder about you. he may or may not text at all that day if you stop doesn't mean anything is wrong. he is just not that eager and shows he isn't really looking for anything much with you and contacts you whenever he feels like it. Plus a person acts more on there most dominant thought, and if he is not calling you much or first, then he just not thinkin about you much. Nothing is wrong with you at all. he is just not ready for a relationship no matter how cool or good you kiss him. So Time will tell and Again, stop texting him first all the time. let him miss you. Go a few days. See if he comes around on his own ok? You can do it. Minimum text messages and no questioning why you haven't heard from him or why he doesn't text first. Makes you look desperate and clingy which makes guys run.