My guy friend french kissed me..does he like me or is he messing w/me?

I have little crush on 1 of my classmates but neither of us were ready for boyfriend/girlfriend so we just became friends till now & its been 2 years now. We've barely hung out or talk due to our busy schedule work & school. So 1 night he took me out for my b day to pf change nothing unusual till after we left restaurant. He said he had to go to bathroom & in my head I'm like you could have gone in restaurant so I'm like you can use one in my house. So after that he usually leaves but this time he stayed at my house for bit watched TV & talked. He then asked if he can lay his head on my shoulder then to lay it on my lap which I allowed him. Then later he asked if I get mad? I said for what? He said if he kissed me. I said no. So he turned to me while he was laying down & kissed me very sweetly then turned to french kiss. He then put his left hand on my face or little bit back of my head while we kissed. He then asked if he can kiss my neck but he said don't worry he won't give me hickey so I let him. We then gave each other back massages then he had to go. So he gave me goodbye kiss on lips. 3 days later he called & I said I liked kiss & he said he enjoyed it. Didn't talk much so 1wk later he called again but neither of us asked what kiss meant or where we stand from here. We just talked 30 min about how's work etc. I text him 1 month later about kiss & where we stand because I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. But he hasn't text or called back. So do you think he likes me or just messing around? I still like him. Should I wait till he calls or text back? Should I ask again? Oh this is very usual for him not to call much because even before he was like that..didn't call or see each other much. Do you think he was waiting for me to ask him where we stand ...friends still? Or bf/gf?

well he's 33, p. rican/ ecuadorian, he's an LPN right now working at Riker's Island in NY. He wants to go back to school to become an RN and I remember in the beginning of our friendship he told me he want's to get his priorities straightened out first.


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  • sounds like he thought you didn't like it... so he got bummed out and moved on. don't give up hope though... he may still like you. maybe his phone is dead... maybe he is out of minutes. there are several factors you should consider.

    • But I did tell him I like the kiss & he said he really enjoyed it. Or do you thnk he's just testing me or what?


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  • I think he still likes you but isn't sure about what he wants because its obvious the he cares for you (at least in my opinion). Don't give up until you know what's really going on and the make a decision from there. Good luck

  • Maybe, it would seem so. Just ask him. 0:-)


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