Do you hate all kiss-a$$es or only one's not attached to your rear?

Does brown nosing bother your? Be honest now, is it the kissing up or that they are not kissing up to you?

How much, if at all, do you smooch the booty? Who's? - Boss, co-workers, SO, parents, professors,.


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  • In general, I think it's annoying when people do that; it makes a person seem really fake when they're just trying to win brownie points. I always try to be polite and respectful, but not because I'm sucking up, that's just how I was raised. And if kissing someone's ass is the only way they'll recognize me, respect is out the window--no one should have to go that far in order to accomplish something, it's degrading.


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  • I hate kiss asses, even those who kiss my ass and are quite obvious. It could never work for me.

  • I don't kiss A$$$s to anyone. I can't stand people like that. I do ask the teacher for help if I don't understand something in the lecture or something, but I wouldn't call that kissing their a$$$. I just want to do well.


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