Do you get tired of your girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) texts?

I just feel sometimes I bother my boyfriend and we don't text that much anymore and he's not that sweet anymore.

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  • Just sometimes i.e. when I'm out with friends
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  • Just sometimes i.e. when I'm working/studying
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  • No I love when she/he texts
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  • Maybe you're loosing interest in him. You could try calling him or going out on more dates.

    • We're long distance but ty :)

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    • He's kinda distant in many ways :(

    • Beware of too much texting. Depending on whether or not he's using a keyboard on his phone, txting could be a pain in the a$$ for him. Try to catch him at good times, like dinner time. 5pm is reasonable, also I lose interest after 6 txts.