Would you date a tall girl?

I'm on the tall side of the spectrum and I was wondering if you'd date a tall girl. People tell me that I should model (even strangers O.o) I don't think I'll even find a boyfriend because I'm taller than most of the guys in my school. So for you taller guys, would you date a taller girl? But she's not taller than you.


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  • I'm not a "taller" guy, but I don't have a problem with tall girls, even taller than me. If you're over 6ft you should probably open yourself up to the possibility of dating a guy that's shorter than you, because otherwise you're automatically cutting your chances of finding the right person by more than half.


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  • I´m tall myself and honestly I prefer tall girls and would absolutely date a tall girl!

    Don´t feel bad because you´´re tall there´s absolutely no reason why you should!

  • I'm fine with taller girls as long as their not a ridiculous amount taller than me


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