Would this be considered blowing off a guy?

okay so if a guy texts you possibly drunk at 1:40am and isn't in town (so it can't be a booty call) and you don't text him back because you don't get it til the morning and don't text him at all later that day, are you blowing him off?


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  • Yes. If you don't respond to his text at all that is blowing him off. As long as you would have responded back, even the next day , it would have been fine. Now that it's been over a day though you'll have to make it up to him. The ball is in your court now. You have to be the next one to initiate contact. Make sure not to do it agian. He may just give you another chance.

    • So when I do text him back today should I bring up his last text or no?

    • No.


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  • You can still reply. Pretend like no time passed at all, and show so much interest in replying that he gets distracted by the time that's passed. There's nothing else you can do. Good luck.

  • Hell no. It's a text and its way too early too be up. or late to be up if your like that. If it was important he would call.

  • yes it is

    • damn so how do I show that I didn't mean to blow him off? Its already been a whole day...

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