Why don't guys like to text much?

i here guy don't like to text much like if I girl texts non stop would you get annoyed


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  • Very annoyed. Guy's aren't glued to their phones 24/7 and like to catch some privacy . But I'm more annoyed with the nature of the texts than how many I'm getting. I'd rather come to you to talk about my day than to have such information extracted out of me. There are better ways to show interest in a guy than to ask so many da** questions. Also a girl should have the confidence to let a guy have a day off once in a while so he can reflect on how nice it is to be together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    • he loves spending time with me and he says I love you. and yaa I getannoyed to if someone texted me 24/7 to

    • Well if it concerns you further ask him if the texts are overwhelming him sometimes. Also ask him how many texts he can reasonably reply to before he gets tired of answering. The most important thing is to not expect a reply every time. That will take the fun and the freedom out of texting.

    • thanks :)


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  • Idk the guy I'm seeing doesn't text much, but he has a pos phone. I don't like texting much either it's a hassle!

    • i text a lot but its usally my girl friends I text

  • If he's reluctantly responding to your texts (short answers) or not responding at all… Maybe take the hint and stop pestering him so much. Your boyfriend isn't Twitter and doesn't need to hear from you every hour of the day. If you need to talk to him that badly, try pressing the "call" button on your phone and actually talk to him. Crazy, right?