A girl that can hang with the guys?

I am a tom boy at heart, I may not look like it but I am. I play sports (pretty decent at them), I don't mind playing video games, I have a lot of guy friends, but I am very girl at the same time I like romance, and being treated like a lady, and I dress pretty girly. Is being the kind of girl who hangs with the guys a turn off for guys? or is it a good thing?


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  • It's not a negative quality, but I think most guys will think twice before approaching a girl who is surrounded by guys because such a group of people can be a little intimidating.


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  • Yeah like they said - if you hang out with a lot of guys you might give off a different first impression. But honestly, I've been searching for one of you lovely ladies who can hang with the guys - its a huge turn on! I always manage to attract women who can't hang out with the guys and it sucks...


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  • Umm...I'm the same as you and it is cause my thing is I chill with guys all the time and my ex boyfriend who I was with for 3 years hung in the same circle as me and he always told me he thought I was screwing everyone until he really got to know me and know I'm in no way like that. So first impressions do count but don't let anyone pre-judge you...who cares what anyone says...you knw what you do and don't do. My bx got to know me and figure it out and we lived together and watched sports center, ate chili dogs and wings, drank beer, and played video games every day...lol! Stay true to yourself and it will always work out in your favor in the end. Me and my x didn't have a bad breakup, I left to go home so I could go to college and we still talk almost everyday!

    • my friends say that guys are just intimidated by the fact that I like to do the same things they do while still being a girl. I don't know if they are being nice or if guys really just want to be friends with a girl like me. It's funny because I date a lot of guys that like cooking and sewing and that are a lot more feminine than me haha:P

    • Ehh they say the same about me but I refuse to be a prissy little fragile typical girl. I'm very girly but not one of those screamy annoying ones(sometimes) lol! They have double agendas. My circle of guys stopped comin ard when I stopped comin ard. Something about have a pretty girl there makes it okay for them to gather in groups evryday and chill without feeling like theyre at a sausage fest but just havin a girl that's cool enough to hang with the guys is a bonus!=)

    • haha I'm only a prissy girl when it comes to dating, otherwise I'm not a typical girl (even though being prissy about a boy is typical). Most guys just think I'm going to fool around will all my guy friends ha ha which I am the LAST person to EVER cheat.