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I have been dating a guy for about a year now and we have this habit of breaking up abd then getting back together. He told me this time that we would never get back together. He still calls me his girlfriend and he still want to do things that couples do but swears up and down that we're not friends with benefits. Another day he tells me that we should give things time Now today he is telling me that I am cold, evil, relentless person, He feels that I don't respect him but yet how can I respect someone that says these things and doesn't show any remorse for it? When I said some things that hurt him. I apologize for it, but when he says things that hurts me he acts as though nothing is wrong? Everytime we have an arguement he feels as though he does nothing wrong and its all my fault! I don't know what to do anymore? Every time we break up we always feel so bad about and try it again, but I never know how he really feels because each day its something different. He says he still loves me and doesn't want to cut me of. So what shoud I do about this?!

now he wants to change things and work things out.he thinks we both need a change.i want to work things out I do love him a lot but I don't want to go through all this for nothing


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  • From what you've stated, I can see that this guy just wants to use you. For one, I will start off saying you should definitely drop him. He doesn't care about your feelings, that's why he continues to break up with you whenever he sees fit. If he really loved you he wouldn't say or do anything that would ever hurt you, emotional or physical. To me it sounds like he is using you as a friend with benefits, but he told you that ahead of time to reassure you and keep your guard down.

    Relationships change over time. Some for the worse, others prosper. This is one that you'll have to let go and try again. Let him go, because leading a relationship that will go nowhere will end up in more heartache. You future with him will just cause more breakups, more fights, and you should not have to deal with any of it. If he actually did love and care for you he wouldn't degrade you and keep you feeling miserable. Find someone who wants to be with you, makes you happy and takes your feelings to heart. This guy however, isn't the 'one'.

    Good Luck.


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  • I think it is time to find a new boyfriend. If this is some routine you guys keep doing, trust me, it will probably not get better. You have allowed him to feel like you are always the one at fault, and he is always the one that is willing to pull the relationship back together. Even though you sound like you love him, you also sound like you are tired of always being the one who takes on all the blame and guilt. There are just people out there that feel that they never do any wrong, and you might have one of those guys.

    You have two options.either get out of the relationship once and for all. No friends with benefits either. I mean out. No phone calls, no dates, no sex. OUT.

    Or you take back some of the control in your relationship. If you always allow him to make you the victim, he will always treat you like the victim. You have to learn to take up for yourself and put the blame on him when it is due. Don't apologize if you don't think you were wrong. Make him do it.

    Good luck.

  • You're too pretty to be dealing with such an ugly person.


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  • Drop him girl cause he is playing games with you obvoiusly. He does not know what he wants and you don't deserve to be with a guy like that who is not consistent with you. He is just not that into you obvious and is keepin you around as a rebound. just in case it doesn't work out with one girl, he can go back to you but he doesn't want you to be his girl anymore. Cut him before you get hurt

  • if your constantly breaking up when things get a little rocky there really is no need to invest anymore time in this relationship, unless your using him for sex, then there is a benifit, just keep it physical.