Why make a girl wait for the call?

I think it's dumb to make us girls wait for you to call after giving you our number...like why wait a 4 days and more to call? I don't think it's being desperate if you call or text the same day or next day...Why would you wait days or a week to call a girl when she gave you her number...like she likes you if she gave you it ...unless it was for a school thing or work etc


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  • This has happened to me before, where the guy waits days to text me. To girls it comes off as playing games rather than desperate and makes us lose interest. Whe the guy finally decided it was "right" to text me I had already forgotten him. Tip to guys- if u're interested in a girl text the same night or next day, don't keep the girl waiting or she will lose interest.


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  • I always waited a couple days to call a girl when I got her number because I didn't want to seem desperate. 4 days is a little extreme, however. Now if I went on a really good first date, I would always call the next day--that's different. Watch the movie "Swingers" with Vince Vaughn. There are good conversations in there about this topic.

  • If a girl waits longer craves more. I usually call tomorrow. Maybe I'm wrong?

    • yea that's true... but if chemistry is there and you both like one another then why wait? glad that you call the next day

  • Lol well it seems to be working with you... He's got you all shook up girl! Now your more desperate then evar for his attention. So tell me... Why wouldn't he?

    • nah it's nt tht there are so many cute guys...but it's new to me that a guy would take longer than a day to contact me lol

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