Do men like mysterious women?

question up there ^^


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  • Depends by what you mean as "mysterious".. Mysterious as in the fact that I never know how she feels about our relations? Mmm at first I tend to put a little more effort in, but it usually ends up being "too much" mystery and I'll walk away... Mysterious as in, I never know where she's going / what she's doing / who she's seeing? Never.. I'd honestly just stop calling/texting/seeing her/etc..

    It's a fine balance but it CAN have an effect with attraction levels.. The problem is finding the right balance without either: A) Hurting the other person (Scaring them / leaving them in the dark) or B) leaving no inclination as to what is actually taking place... so on and so forth.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Mystery is mostly a gimmick. If you try to come off as mysterious, you often 'act' a part you can't play and instead come off as untrustworthy. I don't demand that a girl tells me everything any more than I tell a girl everything about me and what I'm thinking or doing myself, but trying to be mysterious about it without meaning it, just radiates that she's not being honest.

  • i do ,it makes me more curious about her


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