Is it OK for me to text him and say hi? So what do I do next?

So I met this guy and we texted/FB chatted for like a week and half. He asked me out and we went, had a great night, kissed a lot, and talked about doing things in the future. He said he would text me in a little while to let me know if we could meet up again later that night after his friends birthday party. He never texted that night and still has not texted/called/made any contact the following day. Is it OK for me to text him and say hi?


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  • Nope, the ball is already on the side of his court, what I mean is he already told you he will contact you, your the girl and the prize..don't waste time if the guy can't commit to his's up to you for texting him..probably say hi but don't mention anything about your previous date let him initiate it =)

  • Justv say hi and thank him for the awesome date, and that you should do it again sometime :)


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