Tips on how to make my first date be a huge success?

I met this girl online and we both go the same university. We really hit it off online and text each other every day. We also have tons of things in common.

I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on how I can make the in person meeting go as well as the online dialogue so I can make this girl my girlfriend.


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  • Don´t have expectations and don´t stress. Just be yourself and if she is hot picture her naked... ummm I don't think the picturing her naked would work but maybe if you pictured her in a huge chicken costume it would help.

    Have fun and do things you enjoy before having a date with her. Do things that boost your confidence and your happiness and she will sence those emotions.


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  • I would just be myself. I know it sounds cliched but its true. This girl likes you already, so don't put any pressure on yourself. Also, holding doors open or any other kind gesture will help you gain points :) Good Luck.

  • (1) Don't be late.

    (2) Be neat and polite.

    (3) If you like each other, don't miss any cues, lol.

    Otherwise, you sound like you have good momentum going. Just keep it up!


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  • I think it can be a mistake to think a first date has to be a 'huge success.' It's just a first date ... the goal should be to determine if you want a second date. One of your goals should be to evaluate if this girl is worth your time.

    By all means, have fun and enjoy yourself ... but don't put so much pressure on yourself, either.