I really want to kiss him?

There is this guy I really like that I see in my building at work and I really want to kiss him! I was hoping one day that we would get on the elevator and I would make my approach - I was wondering should I tell him before I do it or just go for it? I don't want him to think that I do this all the time or even that I coming on to strong!


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  • yeah you might want to say something because he will probably think you do this often and might think you are coming to strong. I wouldn't suggest just randomly kissing him unless you both know there is mutual interest


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  • I say you should try to see if he is interested first. If you come on to strong that will push him away. If he is interested let him make the first move.

    • I know that he does like me - I can feel it and he always stops and talks with me. The thing is he is a bit younger and I believe inexperienced and maybe intimidated. If I don't try I think he would be to shy to do it himself. I don't want to scare him off and come on too strong.

  • Go for it. No male ever "gets pushed away" by something like that.


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  • Ask him "Want to play straight chicken?" then do it. ;)

    I kid. Grabbing and kissing him may seem a bit too aggressive. This is your place of work where you're supposed to be professional, you don't want people claiming you're the office cougar. Invite him out to drinks first then grab'em and kiss'em if he agrees. ;)

    • That sounds like a great idea. Get him out of the office so its not at work and then lean in slow and kiss him. He has time to stop you if he is not interested but you will probably make his day and maybe then he will make yours.