What does it mean when a guy calls you his wife?

last night my guy friend texted me and was like what's up wife? and I'm like ha ha wife? and he's like uhh yeah you are my wife. and I'm like oh yeah I forgot and he's like well since your my wife make me something!

.. I was kinda confused.. lol


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  • he's being friendly in a jokingly way that your his wife. Although he'd be more comfortable doing if you've been close friends after 9 months or so. Because he should then at that point know how you would react. If under that much it may be a little weird, and may mildly like you more than one.

    If you have been friends with him for quite a long time and maybe he does like you he'd show more affection then just "wife"

    • we've been friends since august and he did try several times for me but I pushed him away. I'd say this went on for 5 months. and then he stopped talking to me and I was upset and then we would talk on and off. last night was the first time iv talked to him in almost a month


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  • Means you have amnesia. You can't even remember your own husband!


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  • I have a good male friend which I've known for about 6 years through work. After having flirted and enjoyed working together, time moved on and he got another job and we lost touch. Having just reconnected and spent some more time together, that attraction is still there but he had told me that he is no good for me. I understand his reasoning and agree to some extent however, he had just started calling me "wifey" in his text messages in our flirting, bantering way. Is this a sign that me being his wife had crossed his mind? Comments greatly appreciated.

  • This happened to me I think more than once. We were having a bbq and my boyfriend at the time came over, and my dad's friend was there and my dad told his friend something like "that's her boyfriend" (his friend knows me since I was little) but I don't remember if he said "she's his girlfriend" too but then my boyfriend said in a low voice "she's my wife" And then I was like "what?" And he's like "yea, you're my wife" I think it means he really wants something more with you because with us, he ended up mentioning that he wanted to marry me someday, and he was being serious!

    • awwww:) that really made smile. too cute