Why is he texting me now? I don't know what to do.. :/

So, I've asked a couple questions about this guy already.. we met at a mutual friends house, and started talking & really hit it off.. we get along great! We've been texting each other since mid november & we both really like each other.. we've even hung out a few times, and even though we're both shy people, we're not all that shy around each other.. I just wanna get it out there that I really liked him at one point, before I tell you all this next part..

After our exams in december, we both left university & college to go home for the holidays, we texted a few times over Christmas break, but I always got the vibe that he didn't really want to talk to me, which I thought was weird because he had told me that he really liked me and wanted me to text him over the break.. When I got back to university after Christmas break, I texted him and we talked a bit, but said he had to go.. He never texted me again until 2am this morning.. :/ Its been 2 weeks since we last talked and everyone had already told me that he must just not be interested anymore.. everyone told me to just give up on him, so I did.. but know I've got this text saying "hey, I haven't talked to you in a while, sorry its so late" I have no idea how I'm supposed to respond to this becasuse I listened to what everyone told me, and started to get over him and move on.. I don't want to hurt him or make it awkward since we have so many mutual friends.. but I just want to know what he's thinking, and why he's talking to me now, after 2 weeks of nothing..? I really liked him, but I thought he was over me... I guess not though.. I haven't responded to his text yet, because I have no idea what to say to him.. Can anyone help me with that? thanks guys! :)

baha, figured out he was just drunk and horny.. sorry buddy, no booty call for you.. ever. I'm done with him. :) time to move on! thanks guys! :D


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  • worst case scenario...hes been playin the field and got drunk that morning and was feeling lonely or whatever. on his defense, he's probably doin the same as you and tryin to figure "this" out. just talk in person one on one, lay it on the line. hey, I like you, want to know more yada yada ya...if you don't and wana play around...kewl! not me but we can be "just" friends cause we hav mutual friends and what not. your honesty will be respected, no harm no foul. don't play games, men hate that crap! bold, honest, straight to the point! want a relationship...then don't bust out I wana be married in years and this whole game plan mess! let him think you aren't that serious, stroke his ego, and he will be crazy about you


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  • I was afraid of that. That's typically what it is its a random call or text late at night like that. Was tryin to give him benefit of doubt. Glad you know now! Good luck!

    • haha, yeah, that was my first thought too, but I pushed it aside to give him the benefit of the doubt also.. oh well, I know now, and I can completely move on now, nothings gonna hold me to him anymore. thanks! :D

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  • just be casual, cool, and more distant. yeah he's talking to you but he could have done it much sooner if you were such a priority. just say "everythings fine how are you" and don't fall right back into his hands.