Is getting a date simply just a question away?

Given that you're a decent looking guy, can you approach girls and ask them out with a good shot at success? How many times will you get shot down compared to actually getting a date?


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  • I think it depends on wether the girl knows you or not, if you go up to some random girl and just say hey wanna go out with me then no she's probably gonna think your weird or there's some bet going on, now if you go up to this girl and actually start a conversation and talk to her for a while and kind of feel it out I think you'd have a better chance at getting a yes. And don't go by the fact that your a 'decent looking guy' a girl could see it as a turn off if you come up to her acting like she should say yes just cause you feel like your hot sh*t


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  • Watchmelaugh's totally right.

    For me, I've never gone out with a guy who I wasn't friends with first.

    My current boyfriend first asked me to hang out (dinner and some drinks) when we were friends for just a week or two. I had a feeling that he kind of liked me, I liked him as a friend so I planned to hang out as friends and if he did try anything I'd shoot him down then.

    But when I met up with him, he was really dressed up and charming and nice. What made it nice was that there wasn't this pressure of "going on a date". He never said it was a date, he didn't try anything but it just felt like one.

  • Get to know them first, if they seem to like you then ask them out. A girl is more likely to say yes to someone they know and are attracted to then just you walking over But most girls, if they are flattered they will say yes if they know you.


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  • Short answer is yes. Of course you don't just walk up to a girl and say, "Hi I'm Joe, would you like to go out for dinner." Engage in some conversation, see if she appears to be interested, and then it is as simple as saying something like, "yea, I heard xyz is a great place and I was thinking about heading over there this weekend, would you like to join me?"

    If the girl is interested in you the answer will be yes or she will suggest a better day/time. I'm quite a bit older so almost everyone I meet is over the internet but I've never been actively communicating with a woman who has turned me down. I've been stood up a few times but that is a different story.

    Good luck. Just remember, women are impressed with confidence, not cockiness.