Should I just stop texting her and try to forget about her?

So there's this girl that I like we work with each other, I told her my feelings for her. Right now she is away for school she will be back in April. but this is what she said when I told her I liked her "Hey, umm I think we should just stay friends, I like talking to you and everything, but I... Show More

Weird she sent me a text out of nowhere so now I don't know what to do.

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  • Stop putting pressure on her. She wants to make things work with her boyfriend and she clearly knows that you're an option if she changes her mind about a relationship with you. I doubt that will happen, but fretting over it and bringing it up to her only push her away. Move on and look for someone that wants to be with you. If she changes her mind and things don't work with her boyfriend, you'll be the first to know.

    • alright thanks for the advice so should I stop texting her or text her but only 1 ever like 6 days.

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    • You give some good advice thanks So I will just talk to her if she messages me first. I will just be her friend and who knows maybe sometime down the road she will date me.

    • I've been in a similar situation. It may be a long way down the road, but if you're there as a friend she'll know she can come to you and if you keep it platonic and she does end things with her boyfriend, wait until it settles down and then test the waters.