How to end the conversation?

how would you end a conversation in a text message ( the conversation is in text mess.)

what does "ttyl" stand for?


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  • ttyl= talk to you later

    i usually give some excuses which are often REAL like 'my mom nagging me, sorry' 'gtg, need to catch some sleep, haven't been sleeping well' 'sorry, gtg got to study which I desperately need cos there gonna be a test' and they will often sympathise with you (which they always do) and will say call you next time or ttyl when free. and they will think that you really want to talk to them but you cant, ,so hinting to them that you want to talk to them again, but you actually want to end the convo asap.

    thats what I do though haha

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  • ttyl stands for talk to you later

  • g2g soz ttyl bye? That's how I end my convos. Same way they're ended on msn

    • Plain and simple, like it!

  • talk to you later

  • I would end the text message saying ttyl or give me a call sometime when ur free. I'd rather her from someone then text. It's some impersonal.

  • Talk to you later

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  • Bye!

  • Srry short. gotta go! ttyl bye that'll give you time think what would be a good reason for leaving suddenly. If you were trying to end the conversation for a jerk, you just disconnect and delete the message. If it's just a normal conversation with a friend, you should be able to say the same thing, or like, "Thanks but I gotta run. ttyl. bye. Make sure to stop texting then. Seriously, some people talk way too much, and some not enough. Never feel compelled to keep talking to someone when you'd rather not or when way enough has already been said or it's getting overly annoying to you. . You don't do you or they a favor that way.

  • see ya.

  • talk to you later.

  • if you really cannot b bothered 2 text. just don't reply. if she asks, say ur phone wudnt let you send a message, always works 4 me.

    • Good idea..but kinda messed up!

    • Its not, really that messed up I don't do it because I don't want to talk 2 some one, I do it because sometimes I just don't have the time to stop everything I'm doin to spend time writting out places and times to meet girls, if they want me to meet them, they can ring me, because I can have a full conversation, arrange plans all in 4-5 mins wer as by text, I have 2 wait for replies and stuff, it takes longer really

    • I was just saying!