Would you date an amputee?

There's this cute girl in one of my classes but she's missing one of her arms and I think one of her legs

How would I go approaching her without like offending her?


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  • just be like "i know I'm kind of going out on a limb here, but you seem really cool and I'd like to take you out sometime"


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  • by treating her like a normal human being... common sense, man. She's still a chick, even without all her limbs

    • Well, I meant that like I remember seeing her like last May and she still had them so it happened really recently and I don't know if she's still shaken up about it or whatever lol

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    • oh, unrelated, but would you be grossed out by the fact that she has like somewhat hairy pits?

      I mean I've only had the class a few days but I've never seen her wear a prosthetic and I just noticed that today so I'm wondering if she like physically can't shave lol

    • lol idk... I mean, it only matters if you'd be grossed out as it is that you're the one who wants to ask her out

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  • just poke fun at it in a playful way, there is a girl in my class as well who is like this but is cute to boot (taken tho) if she has a good attitude then she will joke around with you

    • what is she missing out of curiosity?

      I mean I imagine a person missing just a finger would take it better than a person with none hand and maybe one leg lol

    • she is missing a leg, I'm always feeling up her fake leg and asking her if it's sexual harrassment

      I don't know how many limbs you need to lose before you become bitchy tho... she is very cool and probably why she has a good relationship with someone already and still attracts guys like me

  • Man, a date with her must cost an arm and a leg, huh?

    But seriously, just ask her out like you would any other girl. And try not to stare, ideally.

  • My grandpa was a world war 2 vet who lost his right leg and he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him. He wanted everyone to treat him just like they would if he had 2 legs. I'm sure this girl is no different. And yes I would date one.

  • just come in and ask her when she is in trouble, need a hand?