Am I too young for her?

There's a girl that goes to my school who is 6 years older than me. Is the separation in age mean anything? If so, would I have to be super appealing to her to give me a shot?

Do you guys think I have a chance with her?

Update- I'm eighteen.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You can't lose anything by trying. It's more acceptable by society than ever for older girls to date younger guys. I've always dated older guys, but lately I seem to be attracted to guys a little bit younger than me.. I don't know why. So you should just ask her out. You might be surprised.


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  • I wouldn't date a guy younger then me, but then again I never met a guy younger then me who seemed level headed, mature, honest, done playing games... so I dno never say never...

    • so... if you found a guy attractive and thought he had his head on straight, a guy 6 years younger would be date-able?

    • I wouldn't be chomping at the bit in the beggining... but I'd consider it. But if after dating he seemed like a straight up good, mature guy who's sure about me and what he's pursuing...then no problem!

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  • Dude, take full advantage of this. Older chicks are mature, don't play games and are almost always legit. Plus they know what they want in bed.