My ex girlfriend text to say "hi"?

hi all

i got a text from my ex just saying "HI" nothing more nothing less.

this was about a week after we split, I did text back straight away but with the same response "Hi"

i have not heard back since and its been a week, and its really playing on my mind.

i do love her but feel that she took me for granted, what should I do?

thank you for your advice.

Ok this is the update!

it was a cry for help in the contact sense, she ended up calling me on the Thursday night.

the conversation was detailed and intense, I explained that I'm not happy to be in a relationship where I'm taken for granted, watch this


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  • apparently she was trying to connect with you again. especially that you left her!

    so if you are still interested in her. and you think things would work out between you. its already a week past. so do the same thing with her. text her " HI" and she would show you what expected you to do.

    but just do so if you are going to come back together. if you decided she is not good for you. just try to forget about the text( I know its so hard, but maybe its easier than being hurt of a not good relation later)

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      i do love her, but she has to change, I can't force it, if she was trying to reach out why not respond when I text her back?

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      yep that's right?

      she knows how I feel.

      she knows I didn't want this.

      she knows that I would take her back if she makes an effort.

      so what comes next?

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      i think when she knows all of these, and yet text you again. it sounds like, I'm trying. so she texts you to see if you are still on your words. but you just blocked her path. so maybe she thinks you don't want to be with her anymore, or you are angry enough that don't want to talk with her for awhile.

      if this relation worth for u. maybe you can try once again. text her and see what will happen, if she is trying to change or not.