What's wrong with him?

This cute boy starting talking to me. I never really talked to him in person. We started texting and he ask me to hang out. I agreed but then all of a sudden he stopped texting me and then a couple days later he told me he couldn't hang out. I don't even know what happen. what do you think?


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  • Well, my first thought. Either he thinks he's not good enough for you or the other way around.

  • I don't mean to be mean here with my answer so please do not be offended! what I think is that you've maybe mentioned something in a text that has put him off. maybe you were trying to take things too fast? maybe he's just went into a relationship with someone else or likes someone else now. the best advice I could give is that you stop contacting him and if he really does want to hang out or whatever then he will contact you himself. hope you get it sorted!


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