Why do some guys say they'll text you later and never do? Or not return your texts at all?

I was getting to know this guy for a little over a month then we got into an argument over his suspicious facebook statuses. He would post really sweet, cute facebook statuses saying things like "I just can't stop thinking about you. What have you done to me?" and "I just want to be the one that protects your heart'. Then when he posted one that said "Who knew that just with a smile my morning would be made" I called him and asked who he was talking about because we live in different states (he's moving up here in a few months). He was obviously lying to me and he changed his story so I yelled at him and hung up on him. A couple days later, I apologized for yelling at him and we agreed to be friends but things have still been kind of awkward between us. Anyway, yesterday he said he would text me after work and he never did! But my news feed on facebook showed that he was making status updates from his phone yet he couldn't text me! What's up with that!?

Then this other guy that I had met at the club who talked about wanting to get to know me and stuff never responded to my text. He was sick and I texted him yesterday like 'Hey! How are you feeling?" and he never responded. I kind of think maybe his phone is cut off or something because he has no reason to not respond and a couple days ago, he was telling me about how he was ready to hang out whenever.

Anyway, what does it mean when a guy doesn't respond to your texts?


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  • Depends on the guy.

    if he's a good guy then he's probably busy

    if he's a player then he's playing games


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  • It's not just a guy thing. Girls do it too.

    I don't know what's up either to be honest. They could have just forgotten (yeah right), or they aren't interested.. Or they're playing hard to get.

  • I've had the same problem with this girl not texting me back sometimes. Most likely its one if two things.

    1) Either there is another girl that they are with/interested in and they don't want to be mean and hurt your feelings, so they just ignore you.

    2) Or they just really don't want to talk to you. If he is posting things to FB from his phone, but he doesn't text you back... That's never a good sign.

    Ive actually had a girl not respond to a text, but then comment on one of my pictures from their phone like a half hour later. It was kind of odd.

  • playing hard to get.


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  • They're playing games with you. The more they distance themselves, the more you want them.

    You could either do the same, and limit your contact with them to see what kind of response/reactions you get... or you could just move on and look for someone more mature.

    • I agree with distance yourself and see what reaction you get, if they like you they will text you eventually. I distance myself from a man and not heard from him in a while then after a few days he sent me a message...play hard to get back and see how they react...they are trying to get a reaction from you to want them more!

  • maybe he's playing hard to get