Average size for a woman??

the average size of a woman is a size 12

what do you think about this?

GUY'S would you date a girl who is this size? or bigger?

assuming she was already a really cute girl with a good personality!
^ an example


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  • that's huge. I'm a size 2 and I wouldn't find myself attractive if I was anything bigger

    • im talking about american juniors/teen sizes not womens

    • that's what I'm talking about too


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  • Neither of those women in the example picture looks fat to me. I'd have no problem with a girl that size.

    Also, how the hell do they get these sizes for women's clothing? It seems completely arbitrary. Why do they not just use circumference and length measurements like a sane person?

  • Society wants us to have this big picture of what perfect is! size 1-7 is usually it? with girls that size would have to be not very tall or they would look terribly skinny and that ain't fly with most guys.

    Size 12 and the woman is 6 ft or taller is a nice fit but with me it is the inner woman that is my concern.

  • To be honest, I don't really know how big or small a size 12 is relatively. Got any pictures of women who are size 12's? You have to remember, men's magazines are largely pictures lol

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    • The one in the top pic is hot. The one in the bottom pic looks like death.

    • Death, Paris Hilton, same thing :)

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  • are you talking american sizes?

    • yea

    • in american sizes I'm about a size 6/8, I'm quite tall so I think I'm alright, The average sized woman where I come from is a size (american) 12 or UK 16. Honestly it doesn't matter as long as your not severly overweight

  • Do you mean American sizes? because I think for UK average is 14.

  • I don't think guys care or even know about a specific sizes compared to your overall look. Guys like healthy looking.

    I'm a size 4 and I don't get complaints for being too big or too small. But I also know that I'm not super toned or anything so I've got fat.