Second date: what to do?

Last Thursday I dated a girl for the first time. We had a good time(although it was a little uncomfortable in the beginning), and we kissed at the end of the date. At that moment she also asked me if I would see her again, and the she texted me last Saturday night how I was doing and wished me a good night, Therefore I've got the feeling that she's interested, but I also feel like I should be the one to invite her on a second date. First time was just drinking some together at the bar, what to do next?

I was thinking about maybe asking her to cook for her at my place (but will she think I only want sex or something?), or maybe having dinner somewhere(but last time I already payed, and I'm a student, and should I pay again?), or something else.

I just don;t know what to do on the second date, could you (girls) help me?

What would you like if you were in her position?

(PS. it's pretty cold outside here in Amsterdam)


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  • movie is the most appropriate one because if you cook together you will not make it to the movie...i also tried to watch movie at home on the 2nd date...that's why I always watch 1/3 of movies...if you go out and watch a movie, you can talk about it afterward and get to know each other a bit more.


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  • Baba Booey, baba booey!

  • I say have her lay on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the edge and throat F**k her