When did you go out on your first real date?

When, where and with whom? How long did the relationship (if there was a relationship) last?


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  • Only like a couple of weeks ago... With a guy I met on a seedy food run late one night! He and I started talking and ended up going back to a club in erly hours of the morning!. Exchanged numbers BUT didn't see each other ... texting occasionally etc... bumped into each other out one night and he asked me on a date!

    We went to dinner and a movie on our first date ... low pressure date but with some quality talking time etc. He was a sweetie and very funny which helped my nerves lol.Very fun for my first ever date!

    Cant fill you in on the relationship part... were just dating atm!

    What I will say is - regardless of his ultimate intentions with me it was nice and refreshing to meet a guy who wanted to go the old fashioned route and take a lady out before trying to bed her :)

    • I wish you luck! :)

    • Haha thankyou!

      Lucky I'm a little older and wiser to boys and their games at my age ! I would have struggled with dating at 14 lol


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  • We actually went to waffle house. Of course, I didn't know it was a date until we got there. (We were previously friends, so I assumed we were hanging out with everybody like normally.)

    It was fun though. Nothing came of it, but I'm glad my first date was with my best friend. :)

  • Hmmm. Lets see. I was 14. We went to the movies ha ha typical I know :) I met him through my friend at a little league baseball game. We dated for only two months. BIGGEST ASSHOLE EVER! hahaha But seriously I'm gunna beat him up one day :)


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  • When I was 16, Took her to the mall, went out for some food afterward, after that walked downtown and got some ice cream. That relationship lasted for 2 years and was my best yet. Maybe I should do those things in the exact ordder again.