Why do women hate talking with men they date?

I'm a 22 year old male. I've dated a lot of women, but I've always had to stop seeing these ladies because of their lack of conversation and communication.

Women tend to extremely dislike asking a man questions, making conversation and sharing their thoughts. If you ask women open ended questions, talk and ask about their hobbies and things she's interested in, things you have in common and tell them about your life and interests,the result is always the same. Extremely limited communication and very limited effort. Giving a woman time to talk and just listening doesn't work in any way either.

These same women are very surprised when I end things with them.

Why do women really dislike all forms of communication and conversation with men they are in a relationship with or dating?

Many women enjoy flirting (as men do), but a man wants to know more about a woman and have conversations with her because he's interested in her.


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  • Sounds like you keep looking for the same kind of girl and overlook the others. Also, it could be you are attracted to introverts and expect them to be extroverts. My luck with guys increased exponentially when I studies personality types. I understood people better and why I was attracted to certain types but things didn't work out with them. Try online dating if you haven't. My ex and I met on there and he was the best match ever. We broke up because of the distance and the fact that I'm still in school. Online dating can be like practice dating to find out what you like and learn important things about people upfront. PS- Don't waste your money, I went with free ones and found decent people, you just have to weed people out before you meet them in public.

    Just my personal opinion, it may be that you might be attracted to feelers but desire them to act like thinkers (not to say that feelers don't think). Myers-Briggs Personality, read up on it. It might help.


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  • Odd. Most women love to talk... a bit too much ACTUALLY. Look at a different perspective, and maybe try to change up the kind of women you date. Some people put their best foot forward and then once they think your hook line and sinker, they stop making the effort.

  • I like doing most of talking but not all, that's boring, I wish men would speak up more or give more detailed descriptions of their day/feelings.

  • No connection, no conversation


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  • Could be the type of girls you're dating. I'm shy so I tend to feel more comfortable with shy girls and it is hard to get some of them talking. A few of the dates I've been on weren't so much a conversation as an interrogation. I'd ask a question, and she'd respond but offer nothing further to continue the flow. Then I'd have to ask another question somewhat related to keep things moving. The girls I've dated weren't quiet, but yeah it was hard to get a conversation flowing.

    It could also be that they're told not to go on and on about themselves because no one wants to hear someone ramble on and on. But most likely I think it's the types of girls you are dating.