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My boyfriend gets mad easily?

My boyfriend and I have been together over 3 years and living together for 2. We love each other very much, but he gets so mad over stupid things. If... Show More

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  • well honey.. he is a good man but is he a good enough man? For how long do you want to take care of a grown man AND hear him nag about things you do? Please, you live in a very unfair situation. No balance there. Ask him to balance it out. If he is going to be home all day and if he doesn't like the way you make the bed, LET HIM DO IT HIMSELF shiiit. YOU don't want to leave him because your child is probably attached to him as much as you are too but this is not a fling thing, this is your man that you live with as a family, he has to get up and get something and if he doesn't like something he should do it himself. He has too much time in his hands not to correct stuff but talk shxt.

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  • You are a wonderful woman who is supporting a man who does not appreciate you. He is emasculated and impotent in this relationship and he is on a very abusive trend. There will be a time he starts to hit you, currently he's doing serious damage to your psyche to where you think you love him and you think he's wonderful. He's not. Wonderful men contribute, they share the burden, they work, they pay the bills, they want to be the man of the house. They want to make sure you are taken care of. This person you are with wants a mommy.

    You need a man, not another little boy.

    Be strong and walk away from this guy before it gets worse. It will be so difficult and you will need a strong support system, but you can do it.

  • leave him it will only get worse. he will start abusing you one day if you stay. if a guy will abuse a woman he claims to love how long before he starts focusing that on your son? he's a loser and abusive, there's not enough great reasons to justify that sorry. you have all the power and don't even seem to realize it. he lives off you. if you cut him off he has nothing. he is not even a real man doing real manly things so where does he get off putting you down except to make his pathetic self feel better? you can do better! do you want your son seeing that as an example?

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