Is it that bad that I hooked up with his friend? seriously need advice! thanks!

I hooked up with this one guy two times, we talked kinda often...I would never consider us anything serious at all, but we became pretty good friends and still talk and flirt often. Then he got back his his ex-gf and a couple months later I hooked up with one of his good friends, drunk mistake in retaliation of seeing him make out with his girlfriend right next to me. I still like the first guy and I know nothing can come of it now but did I completely ruin it for the future/make for a really awkward situation, should I just not do it again and hope it gets forgotten about, or should I bring it up and apologize? We hung out the next night and it seemed normal but I am just not sure.


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  • I think that you did, but its mess up on both your accounts. You sleeping with his good friend and him going back to his ex. Did he tell you that he was still talking to his ex? Can you help on my question? link

    • I mean I knew he was kinda back with her, like I said we were never really anything serious just crushes, never even dated or anything. I am just more concerned about the potential you think I should say something (it really was a mistake and there are no feelings involved), give it time, I don't know what to do?

    • I would tell him how you about him.

    • okay thank you, ill answers yours too. one last thing, does him acting totally normal and still flirty the next night mean anything?


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  • its a bad thing totally. I was in a situation where I liked a girl and she talked about how hot my best friend is and I just totally lost feelings for her ever since.


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  • well what yall had was a fling thing and the fact that he was making out with his new girl around you comfortably should set the tone. I don't condone the fact that you made out with someone he knows because that's ccalled as ''smashing the homie'' all men seem to hate to experience with a girl they have messed with before. So I think you shouldn't expect nothing out of it. He set the tone, you followed thru, you both looked at each other as a booty call and I don't think if yall ever get together it would be something of meaning since you both ruined that by making out in front of each other.

    • yeah but since we never actually dated or anything and the hookup was months ago doesn't that make it not as bad? and do you think I should say something or just give it time and see what happens? I just don't want it to change our friendship now

    • I vote leave him alone. He's in a relationship. Yall had sex before. Which means yall had the intimacy before. Which could reoccur again between you too. You don't wanna be a part of a trio, let him do him.