Is there really such thing as the "boy code"?

first off, a guy that I really like who I think likes me back told me that he was gonna text me, which made me really excited because we had never texted before and I gave him my number a long time ago. I told some of my friends about this and some of them said that he probably won't text me for 2 days because they follow the "boy code" just so they make the girl anxious or whatever. is this true?

but today is the third day and he still hasn't texted me so is this just stupid gossip or is it true? and how long should I wait before I should just let it go?


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  • "The Code" does exist for a lot of guys, but isn't directly about dating; it's designed to prevent problems among guys.

    The famous "three day rule" isn't usually considered part of "the code", but it is used by a lot of people. Yes, it's supposed to make you (the girl) more anxious, but it's also supposed to give you the impression that we're not anxious. For what it's worth, as guys get older, they use that three day rule less and less. We figure out soon enough that it's a pretty silly rule and it's not doing us any good. Hey, we're cute, not bright.

    • well its Thursday now and he still hasn't texted me. he said he was going to text me on Sunday like I already said but he is at a model united nations conference in chicago for the week and I won't see him until Sunday or Monday next week. we have a thing and I'm confident that he will text me, I was just curious if this meant that he was never gonna text me. so I guess another question is would you lie to a girl saying that you would text her?

    • Normally, I'd say that the time gap is a problem, but if he's off at a week conference, he's wrapped up in it; this thing's taking a lot of his time and energy. Give him a few days after he gets back; if he hasn't texted/called you by then, then you'll know where things stand.


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  • Yes, there is such a thing, but worthwhile guys don't live by any silly 'code.' So if you don't hear from him for 2 days, he's probably not worth texting back. Simple, no?

  • It's bro code and it's 3 days.

  • i'd say "boy code" like that is limited to middle school.

    but I think most men have a decent understanding of how to treat other dudes... and that's man code


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