Appropriate Amount to Text An Ex?

So, how often is it appropriate to text an ex when you are in a relationship?


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  • Never. An ex can ruin relationships. How would you feel if your boyfriend was texting his ex? I think you would be upset and have little trust, unless you're one of those girls who thinks of themselves highly and everyone else is lower than you, but than you probably wouldn't have a relationship. So don't text your ex. Worst idea you can have in a relationship besides cheating.

    • Yes, well my ex texted his ex everyday several times a day. I tried to ignore it but I was uncomfortable with him constantly texting her. :(

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    • Don't worry about your ex. Only be focus on your current boyfriend :)

    • Haha well I don't have a current boyfriend. My ex broke up with me 2 1/2 weeks ago and I believe he is going out with the ex he was texting throughout our relationship. :S


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  • Never. My ex lied to me about texting her ex and I threw her phone out the window.


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  • on his birthday only I wouldn't both text or call him on regular days