How do you start dating again, after being betrayed before?

The last relationship I had my ex blindesided me and dumped me by phone. Then insulted me by text. Great way to dump someone right? I know I deserve better and want to find someone who treats me with respect. How do I start over? I don't wnat to fall in love, only to be completely screwed over, by an a-hole who doesn't know how to treat a woman.


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  • Just date people casually and when you start to feel something else for them leave them. Cause you can't trust people you give them all you can they say they love you more than anything and then they just f*** you over like if nothing.


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  • Unfortunately there's no specific way to do this, you just have to have the courage to do it. But this time you have the experience of you can be a bit more discerning in the guy from the beginning. Look for similar tracts in the personality that your ex had and try to avoid guys like him. Most importantly don't look at every guy as if he will hurt you like your ex but be optimistic, yet intuitive. And don't get to attached from the start. Take it slow.