She calls me every now and again to see how I am?

And it sucks, why would she do this? It just makes me regress in my mending process and it f***ing hurts. She calls then won't return my texts or anything. Do girls do this to their ex boyfriends a lot or am I just that lucky guy who gets a huge sh*t right on my face.


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  • what she's doing is really unfair... why don't you be upfront about it and tell her how much it hurts you? this way, the next time she calls, there won't be any pretenses of her 'checking up on you'. instead, it'll be quite obvious that's she's trying to psychologically torture you.

    • i meant to say that it'll be clear to her that she's crossing the line.

    • i don't tell her how much it hurts me because I like talking to her...and we've meant a lot to one another in the past years and she's just doing it to remain close but yet she wants to be distanced. I guess she wants to have her cake and eat it too, I'm gonna tell her no.


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  • It's really unfair of her doing that to you. Though lots of girls do this... don't really know why.

    But you should (I know it's maybe not easy to do)but ask her why she acts like that

    and that you don't like it. Maybe she'll stop after that? :)

    Hope it works out for you. =)


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  • She is doing this because she knows you are "the nice guy" that won't stick up for himself, she knows how you feel about her, knows she can have you anytime she wants, thus she knows that she has the power to string you along until she's done with you or finds someone else (and it will be sooner than you think). There are many girls and guys that do this crap. STOP taking her calls, don't answer her texts, become a ghost to her and move on. She is getting her fix and you are taking the bait. Start dating other girls. The more you put up with this, the more the will play this game. When girls do this it generally means that she doesn't respect the guy she is treating like that. No matter what she is saying to you, it's not to see if you are OK. It's to boost her ego knowing that you are still hung over her, and she is secretly laughing her ass off while she is going this.

  • Girls do this sh*t all the time. They want to be free to move on and date other people, but comforted by the knowledge you're still hung up on them. I've had girls try this with me and I've seen my friends do it to their ex-boyfriends. Don't let your ex make you her safety net.

    • but after a 4 year relationship I kind of enjoyed being her rock. I think she was just being civil and nice but still girls really don't understand how detrimental this is to the forgetting process.

    • It doesn't have to be conscious or malicious. She did do it with the motive of drawing you in, though. Yes, she was just being civil, but as I said, she was checking to see if you were still there for her.