Does having sex on the 4th date mean there's no chance of being in a relationship?

I've been dating this guy for almost 2 months. We had sex on the 4th date and things seem to be going well. I really like this guy and want to continue dating him, but I'm afraid that because I had sex with him on the third date that he sees me only as a casual girlfriend and not relationship material. Does having sex on the 4th date automatically eliminate a girl from a guy's potential relationship pool or is there still hope?

Also we aren't seeing other people and haven't been since we started dating . if that makes any difference at all.


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  • There is always hope! It does not automatically eliminate a chance for a good relationship. I won't lie, most of time it doesn't work out when things are given up early. But honestly it really depends your feelings for eachother. Do you guys have fun together, do you talk about things (more then small talk), are you okay with just doing your own thing when your together, things like that. If you guys are not seeing other people and still seem interested in each other I am sure you could build on your relationship to make it long lasting.

    P.S. I would think if he thought of you as a casual girlfriend and not relationship material then the only time you would see him was when he wanted something. And you said you guys are not seeing other people so it seems like he wants a relationship ^^ I hope that helps.


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